Entertainment 2022

Saturday,  December 3rd 2022

11:00 am Yeshe Matthews ~ Opening Invocation

Yeshe Matthews is Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, and co-owner of  The Sacred Well shop in Dunsmuir. She is a goddess devotee, dharma practitioner, and licensed minister ordained and initiated in several different mystery traditions. She serves Mt Shasta spiritual pilgrims and goddess devotees worldwide with online and in-person classes, ceremonies, and retreats. Yeshe has dedicated her life to female mysteries, sacred healing practices and the ways of the Goddess. With a Master's degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she has studied women's mysticism, shamanism, and matriarchal communities for over twenty years. She brings more than a decade as a Priestess and soul guide to the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple. herself@yeshematthews.com   /  yeshematthews.com

11:30 am RutiCelli ~ Intimate Cello

Intimate Cello is a 'self realization modality’ bringing a mystical component to help deal better with life. This healing art brings intentional, inspired & channeled performances in the vibration of the earth (432Hz) to increase Intuition and connection to spirit. Listening to this sound vibration activates our intuition, creativity, imagination and can help us connect deeper to the cosmos within so that we can raise our vibration.

An invitation to create a container intended for healing, offering an introspective safe space for folks to sit together and tap into their inner powers in order to shift their reality from within.


12:30 pm Caitlin Jemma ~ Americana Soul

Indie musician and singer-songwriter Caitlin Jemma speaks for the multitudes on her celestial new disco-folk album, True Meaning, out now on American Standard Time Records. Conjuring the soulfulness of Norah Jones, the melancholy of Joni Mitchell, and the lyric-bending bewitchment of Bonnie Raitt, Jemma takes listeners on an atmospheric journey from heartbreak to hope throughout the ten dynamic tracks which make up True Meaning—a vulnerable-yet-spirited release exploring the full emotional spectrum of being human, while posing an age-old philosophical question: “What is the true meaning of life?”

Caitlin Jenma Instagram

1:30 pm Maya McNeil Americana folk musician and Bay Area healing arts practitioner

Maya McNeil will return in magic and mirth for the 2022 Goddess Craft Faire!  Offering old songs from the Scottish Hebrides, Appalachia, and a few original tunes soaked in old time influence, their songs are for filling your heart’s cup and nothing less. McNeil is wrapping up their first album of original songs, ‘Waiting For The Light To Change.’ The title single is due for release December 21st. You can follow on instagram @maya_mcneil_music for more information on performances,  collaborations and streaming release information

Maya McNeil SoundCloud

2:30 pm Hattie Craven ~ Rootsy, acoustic California folk. Vocal soundscapes of harmonies with thoughtful song craft and lyricism.

Hattie Craven, daughter and bandmate of Joe Craven, is a multi-instrumentalist, actor, dancer, & vocalist. She started with the fiddle at age 4 and hit the stage with Laura Love at the Kate Wolf Music Festival. She started musical theater at age 6, and found her love for singing through years of many musicals. Hattie has grown up playing the stages of music festivals, house concerts, and performing arts shows.

Hattie Craven

4:00 pm Mama Crow ~

As a multi-genre singer, dancer, songwriter, sound healer and storyteller, my music is an authentic representation of the innermost workings of my soul, allowing sound to embody the purest presence from the heart of

All That Is.

Mama Crow

4:55 pm Laurie Allen ~ Bitch Rap!!

Here’s what the Goddess has to say!!    SantaRosaNia.com

5:00 pm Rashida Oji ~ Spirit-filled force of love.

Rashida Oji has been singing and sounding all her life discovering early the power of the voice to transmute suffering and empower women.

Rashida Oji

6:00 pm LaVelle Kenney and students ~  Congolese Dance

Experience the beauty and power of Congolese dance!   LaVelle will be dancing with her students from Parkpoint Healdsburg and Coaches Corner, Sebastopol (Wednesdays 5pm). LaVelle says the dances tell stories of everyday life expressions with special emphasis on the center of the body, using the Congolese Circle (Circle of Life) as the foundation.  Her goal for her classes is to teach her culture through dance and community.   LaVelle says, “We are all connected. We are all together in bongi (community). We are all a village of people. My dances bring joy and pleasure to everyone. African dance is spiritual. It is the spirit of the drums that calls our ancestors.” 

LaVelle has been dancing professionally for thirty-five years. She was a member of her late Uncle Ta Malonga’s dance company, Fua Dia Congo (Ancestral heritage) and Diata Diata(marching forward), as well as her Uncle Ta Sandor’s company Sissa Congo (Cultural Heritage), and her company with her cousin, Lorraine, Ijo_Ayo (dance of joy).

6:15 pm EVERYBODY DANCE!!!  

Kick off your shoes and come join LaVelle up on stage for some booty shaking to get ready for the drum circle.

6:30 pm DRUM CIRCLE led by Larissa Montfort, assisted by Trinity and Laurie Lynn

Larissa Montfort has been exploring her passion for West African, Congolese, and Afro-Cuban rhythms since 1995 with many teachers, including Mabiba Baegne, Ubaka Hill, Yona Fleming, Malonga Casquelord, Stori Davis, and Afia Walking Tree. Larissa traveled to Guinea, West Africa to study dance with Youssouf Koumbassa and Yamousa Souma and djembe and dunun with Amadou Camara and Lamine Dibo Camara.

Larissa accompanies dance classes, women’s rituals, and healing circles

“Drumming allows me to express my joy, strength, and freedom, while serving the spirit of the music, the dance and the empowerment of women.”  Larissa Montfort

Sunday,  December 4th 2022

11:00 am Kahuna Leilani Bireley ~ Invocation

Opening Invocation by Kahuna and High Priestess, Founder of Daughters of the Goddess Temple; Concord, CAKahuna Leilani - Hawaiian Kahuna, Ordained Dianic High Priestess, Ceremonialist and Co-Author of On Holy Ground: Commitment & Devotion to Sacred Lands, has been bringing ancient Hawaiian healing and Goddess Wisdom to the community for over two decades. She earned her M.A. in Womyn’s Spirituality from New College in San Francisco. Kahuna Leilani started The Daughters of the Goddess Womyn’s Temple in 1996. She gives thanks and honor to her teachers: Luisah Teish, Yoruban Chieftess and author of Jambalaya; Kahuna Auntie Pahia; Vicki Noble, author and co-creator of the Motherpeace Tarot; and Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakane
DaughtersoftheGoddess.com    925.787.9247

11:20am CaroLuna ~ Avant-garde soprano, composer, and visual artist (aka VJ LUNA),

Caroluna performs classical, opera, jazz, cabaret, electronica, and world music. She has performed as a soloist / video artist at the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy,  at Grace Cathedral, Herbst Theater, The Fillmore, LUX video art Festival in Sevilla, Spain, SF’s annual Flower Piano and at many other venues and music festivals both nationally and internationally.


12:00pm Natalie Johnson ~ Spirit Centered Folk

Natalie is a Sebastopol based singer-songwriter. Sharing original, traditional and contemporary folk music. She is inspired by the sacred experience of womanhood on this beautiful evolving planet.

12:45pm Bri the Light ~  

Bri of the Light is a heart-centered medicine musician, fiercely dedicated to using her gifts to manifest the New Earth. Bri's heart songs inspire growth, increase awareness, incept truth and integrate the idea of oneness. She is grateful to serve, focused upon the goal of ascension through personal work supported by vibrational re-patterning. She holds a strong vision of a future of unity and harmony together with all of life, using songs as bridges to that sacred future and intentional presented in the moment as the stepping stone.  The time is now for our rising, become the change- witness the shift.

Bri the Light

1:45pm Yeshe Matthews ~ Deer Mother has a message for us.  Come and hear what she has to say.


2:00pm Kym Trippsmith ~ The Amazon Queen & Ananta “Butterfly” Fiddle-hooper

Kym is a wild thang who has been musically inspired since birth. As an avid and noteworthy wordsmith/lyricist, she approaches music as a sacred act—melody, harmony and rhythm intertwined to create spontaneous magic! Bottom line, Kym shows up. She uses her big-hearted rich voice and her Taylor guitar to sing the world awake.

Kym Trippsmith

Ananta “Butterfly” Fiddle-Hooper is an internationally seasoned violinist, electric violinist, cellist, composer, videographer, producer, and instructor. Their 27 years of professional repertoire includes a well-rounded blend of classical, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae, rock & roll, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical, and alternative trance styles.

Ananta “Butterfly” Fiddle-hooper

3pm Z Budapest ~   The Grandmother of modern witchcraft

She has devoted her life to the Goddess and has been giving Tarot Readings and leading circles for over 50 years.  (Get a reading at her booth in the Main Hall!!)   She is best known for her books on The Goddess Movement, Tarot, and Feminist Witchcraft.   Some of her best known works include: The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Grandmother Time, Grandmother Moon, Goddess in the Bedroom...just to name a few.


Z Budapest


Holiday Dance Show featuring:  Dunyazade, Belly dance, Persian dance, Hula dance and more!!!
Hannah Romanowsky is a teacher, choreographer, and director of the Dunyazade (pronounced Doon-yaa-zaad) Dance Ensemble. A specialist in dances of the Silk Road, Hannah teaches classes in San Rafael, Novato, and online. She is also a nutritional coach passionate about helping people feel more vitality in their bodies through the complementary healing arts of movement, music, and nourishing food. Learn more at hannahromanowsky.com.
Today the Dunyazade Dance Ensemble is celebrating Iranian women's voices through a contemporary world fusion choreography to a composition by musical artist Mamak Khadem.


4:00pm Tami Gosnell ~ Melodically Aggressive Acoustic based Rock with a side of Soul.

Singer/songwriter Tami Gosnell, formerly of the bands Disco Goddess and The Meek, can be seen solo with guitar/piano, playing originals and covers by her favorite bands, Tami has played professionally since 1997, and she has penned and performs over 150 songs full of thought-provoking lyrics and emotion-provoking riffs and melodies.

Tami Gosnell

5:00pm Copper Wimmin ~   (YES!  They’re back!!)   Vocal Amazons

Copper Wimmin leaves audiences with the sense of having witnessed something extraordinary, with music that inherently builds community, shares a message of healing, and helps ignite social change through their focus on women’s empowerment. Comprised of three women; Sophia Mallie, Kiranjot Kaur, and Alyx Benham-Autuori, who met in a children’s choir in middle childhood in Santa Rosa, California, these singers were primed for three part harmony from the start and have spent the better part of their lifetimes exploring the magic of creating full musical landscapes with just the human voice. Over the years, Copper Wimmin has won numerous singing and songwriting competitions and awards, has been featured on Democracy Now and Showtime television, and has shared the stage with world renowned musical artists such as Jason Mraz and Bobbi McFerron. They have released three albums; American Tyranny in 1998, followed by Etheric Bodies in 2001 and The Right To Be Here in 2004. Copper Wimmin is currently working on their fourth album, set to release in 2023, a record which incorporates the fruits of their individual personal growth over the course of the past 15 years. 


Copper Wimmin

6:00pm Suzanne Sterling ~ Song, Ritual and Sacred Activism

Suzanne Sterling is a dedicated musician, yogi, activist and social innovator who has been performing and teaching transformational workshops for over 20 years. She is founder of Voice of Change, and co-founder of Off the Mat into the World and Auricle Spiritual Musicians Collective.   An award winning musician, she has released 5 solo albums and numerous DVD soundtracks.   Her life work is dedicated to inspiring others to find their unique voice and to use self-expression as a tool for community building and conscious evolution.


Suzanne Sterling