Entertainment 2016

 Saturday, December 10, 2016

 11:00am Yeshe Mathews aka Rabbit  Opening Invocation

Co-owner of The Sacred Well, ordained Matriarchal High Priestess, Pilgrim, Mystic and Witch.


 Yeshe Matthews

Grace is power.  It is the power to be who you truly are, which is a spark of light in the web of light that underpins all existence. Some might say that grace is a gift from the divine. In fact, grace IS divinity itself, in living, breathing form. You. -Yeshe Matthews

 11:15am  Judith Lerner

Heart opening, goose bump generating HANDPAN music.



 12:15pm Trinity Rayne Poetic Songstress  trinityraynemusic.com
 1:15pm  Sunshine Coconuts

We are a ukulele cover band, singing a diverse set of songs ranging from Tin Pan Alley, Folk, Country, Pop, Rock, and Hawaiian. We were once strangers, and by day— teachers and a creative type, Life-long, fun-loving friends we have become, who enjoy getting together twice a week to jam, practice, play the ukulele, and sing. We are the Sunshine Coconuts Ukulele Band, Debi Bow (aka Coco Bo), Kelly Skultety (aka Coco K), and Angie Morales (aka Coco A).

Sunshine Coconuts
 2:15pm Bollywood Dance

Director: Julie Marques

Bollywood dancers from Move 2 Change youth and adults will be presenting unique choreography.


For more information for kids, youth or adult classes, please contact Julie at Julie@move2change.com or 707-823-1074

 3:15pm Rachel Tree Rachel Tree, Heart-full Songstress www.reverbnation.com/racheltree     rachietree@gmail.com
 4:15pm  Amy Obenski

First and foremost you’ll be struck by Amy’s crystalline voice which “will hook even the most hardened cynic.” (Performing Songwriter Magazine) She’s a California native. Raised in San Diego and now based in San Francisco, you can hear the sound of the wind and ocean in her music. She’s toured the U.S. and France and got her song “Carousel” into the TV Show, Grey’s Anatomy.

Amy Obenski


 5:15pm  Adwoa Kudoto Adwoa is Ghana’s only female master drummer to date. She was the first woman in Ghana to attempt to fight the cultural taboo, forbidding women to play the drums, Antoinette Adwoa Kudoto has managed to stake her claim in the drumming realm of Ghana, and is truly a master of the art. For more information on Adwoa’s Drumming classes and Dance class with her daughter Sena Kugbega call Sena at: 707.570.7087
 6:15pm West African Dance with Sheri Luis and students



1) West African Dance with Sheri Luis and students;  SINTE

2) DUN DUN DANCE: West African Dance combined with Dun Dun Drumming

Dancers:  Fanny Diallo, Katrina Weaver, Carly Castagnola and Kris Freewoman

Drummers: Troy, Patrick, Cameron and Nick

Choreography by Larissa Montfort ~ Inspired by Abdoulaye Sylla

 Beginning West African Dance with Sheri Luis; Le Studio Danse, 534 Mendocino ave. Tuesday nights 7:15 pm. For info: 707.490.6778
6:30pm DRUM CIRCLE led by Larissa Montfort and Stori Davis


Stori Davis:


Sunday December 11, 2016

 11am Kahuna Leilani Bireley



Opening Invocation

Kahuna and High Priestess, Founder of Daughters of the Goddess Temple, Concord CA.

Kahuna Leilani Birely



11:15am  Daughters of the Goddess and Dianas Grove

Songs, chants and dance of the Goddess from Daughters of the Goddess Temple East Bay and Diana’s Grove Rituals, Sonoma County

925.787.9247Diana’s Grove  Sonoma County Dianic Rituals
12:15pm Ballet Folklorico Jazmin

Proudly Preserving Mexico’s Culture through Song and Dance

Ballet Folklorico Jazmin Facebook
1:15pm Copperwoman Raise Our Voices, Uplift the Vibration Copperwoman.com

We Stand Not Alone

2:15pm The Red Thread presents “The Ripening” produced by Shannon Elsom The Red Thread Presents, “The Ripening” — A Yoni Puja Ritual expressed through each performer’s voice and creative vision. Join us as we celebrate the many phases of Women’s Sexuality.

Opening Ritual with Gwion Raven
Janet Molinari as Sheela Na Gig
Pow Wow Song & Spiral Dance with Kym Trippsmith
Closing Ritual with Phoenix Oatfield
Plus Performances by,
Broad Coven
Kalyani Shakti Khandro & Serpents
Remi Newman, Sex Educator
Kimberly Charp
Morga The Destroyer
Nessa Lee
Pauline Perischilli
Kenyetta Todd
Jessica Yuen-Benevides

 Red Thread Productions:
3:15pm  Joanne Rand

Psychedelic Folk Revival singer-songwriter

Joanne Rand 
4:15pm Sherry Glaser The matriarchal, mystical, feminist musings of Sherry Glaser www.sherryglaser.net
5:15pm  Feisty Females!

Kym Trippsmith & Jenn Rogar

Kym sings stories alive filled with political satire, unvarnished truths, mystical clarity, family honesty and humor in a folk/blues/radical rock style with rich vocals and accompanied on bass by Congo Pense and percussion by Rama.

Jenn is a rabblerouser, a folksinger, and a singer/songwriter in the tradition of Holly Near and Joan Baez, using her music as a tool to educate and incite pacifism and activism and awareness. Her music also invites sentimentality along the lines of Kate Wolf and Janis Ian.

 Kym Trippsmith, Amazon Productions
6:15pm Wild Iris

Local Folk  ~   Shari Garn, Carolyn McAleavy, Laurel Brody, Phil Lawrence and Ted Dutcher


Heads up

Eyes open

Roots deep

Hearts strong


Take care of yourself

And one another

Stay belly centered

Reach out for each other

Shari Garn

November, 2016