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Saturday  December 8, 2018

11:00am Opening Invocation ~ Yeshe Matthews

Yeshe Matthews is a scholar and mystic who follows where the muse calls her on a lifelong journey of learning and devotion. She shares what she learns via writings, classes, ceremonies, and consultations. Part historian, part inventor, part oracle, she helps people mindfully articulate their vital roles in our co-creative, collaborative reality.

Yeshe Matthews

 11:15am Judith Lerner ~  Handpan
Heart opening, goose bump generating handpan music.
 12:15pm Storiwr. ~  Songstress
This song cycle weaves Sumerian mythology, religions fo the Book and tales from her Grandmother’s kitchen. Layering vocal harmonics through a loop pedal creating sweeping songscapes.  She is inspired by and grateful to Hildegard of Bingen, Caroline Casey, Z Budapest and many other mystics past and present. Storiwr.
1:15pm Copperwoman

Her passion in life is to gather people together to sing. She is a song catcher and her angels deliver songs for all occasions. Woven into her simple melodies there is a depth of wisdom and inspiration that she wishes to share. She has many CD recordings and is currently working on a new one to be released next year. She is mother of grown children,  grandmother of 2, cancer survivor and a technowitch who creates beautiful websites including the one for the Goddess Crafts Faire.

She would love it if you sang along with her during her set!


2:15pm Honey Hive Ensemble

This folk ensemble is here to create sonic prayers for health.  Their vocally driven and percussive music is enhanced by frequencies of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo and Frame drum to create original sacred music and shared indigenous earth songs. Ensemble includes: Lavender Grace, Sue Nagle, Kelsie Hubik, Nicole Fish, Audrya Chancellor, Paloma Carmona and Sue Magoo.Honey Hive Mendo

3:15pm Mantra Mamas ~ Original Songs and Chants  Kiranjot Kaur, Alyx Autuori and Rachel Tree
Enter into a world of sound that is at once meditative, empowering and transformative. All gifted singers with decades of experience, Rachel Tree, Alyx Autuori, and Kiranjot Kaur share a belief in the healing power of music and the human voice. They weave their voices into intricate harmonies and richly layered parts in their mantra compositions and original songs that expand the definition of mantra. Mantra Mamas is not just a listening experience, it is a communal experience in which the distinction between audience and performer is dissolved and each person is invited to become an integral part.

Folk songstress Rachel Tree has been performing throughout the Bay Area for the past 25 years.  She has long believed in the potential for the human voice as a vehicle for healing and her soulful performances are a testament to that belief. Her diverse musical influences range from traditional folk, gospel and blues to North Indian classical and beyond. Rachel is also a trained music therapist and has witnessed the profoundly transformative power of music, especially in her work with Alzheimer’s patients. Her songs reflect her reverence for the natural world, her personal transformative journey and her deep desire for global peace and justice.

 Alyx Autuori sang German folk songs in three-part harmony as a child with her parents. From this place, she developed a deep love for harmonizing and blending vocally with others. She sang in many choirs and was a founding member of the acapella band Copper Wimmin. She has worked in hospice and in hospitals providing therapeutic music. She sings every day with her children and husband and finds this practice to be nourishing and uplifting for the whole family. Alyx uses songwriting as a multi-dimensional healing process and believes that humans singing together can regenerate and transform the world.

Kiranjot Kaur is a Sebastopol native, and internationally recognized musician and teacher. Coming from a long family line of creatives, she first received her degree in fine arts from California College of the Arts and was a founding member of the music group Copper Wimmin. They were featured on Amy Goodmans NPR program Democracy Nowand their song Bleeding Rivers was featured on the Showtime television series The L Word.In 2006 Kiranjot refocused her career around classical Indian music and spent five years living and studying under the guidance of her beloved teacher Ustad Narindar Singh in Amritsar, India. Kundalini Yoga has been an integral part of her life since age 14 and she discovered that her favorite thing in this world is using her voice as a call to stillness and healing by leading groups in meditation with mantras.

4:30pm Diane Patterson ~

Diane Patterson sings the world awake with mighty voice, rocking guitar rhythms, and revolutionary lyrics. Her sincere spirit and wild heart plant seeds of love and realness. 2018 saw the release of Diane’s fifth independent solo album, Open Road, produced by gold record-maker Mike Napolitano and featuring Ani DiFranco on two tracks.
“This album is what the world needs to hear right now. It is a healthy shot of solidarity, support and love … Patterson’s voice is mesmerizing …”
-Linda Jameson, Americana UK
‘Open Road’ [Diane’s} latest album offers enough spiritual infusion to suggest it should be offered by medical practitioners for ‘soul healing’. . . a fusion that needs to be heard . . . an instrumental mix that drives and pulses, soothes and caresses . . . Listen and feel healed.
–FolkWords, by Tom Franks
5:45pm Adwoa Kudoto and Sena Kugbega ~  Rhythm, Song and Dance from Ghana
Adwoa Kudoto is from Cape Coast, Ghana (West Africa).When Adwoa grew up in Ghana, drumming was considered a taboo for women. Adwoa has been able to break down these barriers and misconceptions surrounding women and drumming arts. In 1999 She was recognized and awarded the title as the Only Versatile Female Master Drummer in Ghana. Adwoa is very passionate about drumming and teaching and has traveled to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the U.S. sharing her culture.Sena Kugbega is from Cape Coast, Ghana, (West Africa) and has been teaching drum and dance since she was 13 years old. As a young girl growing up, she always knew what she wanted to do. Sena Kugbega has also travelled with her mother, Award winning only female master drummer in Ghana Adwoa Kudoto, throughout the US teaching and performing in Washington, New York, Atlanta and California,etc. Sena was always willing to learn, learning how to have fun drumming and dancing. Dancing has always been part of her life and she does it with enthusiasm and joy.Sena teaches West African Dance class on Tuesdays 7:30 – 9pm    Le Dance 534 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA  9401
6:15pm SOUKOUS  –   Everybody Dance!!!  Bring your dancing feet!!!
6:30pm DRUM CIRCLE led by Adwoa Kudoto


Sunday December 9th, 2018

 11am Kahuna Leilani Bireley
Opening Invocation
Kahuna and High Priestess, Founder of Daughters of the Goddess Temple, Concord CA.
Kahuna Leilani Birely
11:15am Goddess Songs and Chants & Ritual with Kahuna Leilani of Daughters of the Goddess, Sonoma County Diana’s Grove and Phoenix Oatfield of Milk and Honey


Milk & Honey

Diana’s Grove

Diana’s Grove Winter Solstice Ritual ~ Saturday, December 15, 2018
at Graton Community Club in Graton. Ritual starts at 6pm. More info: call Lilith at 707.310.8456 or Corina at 707.527.0407

12:15pm Alison Harris

Alison’s music is infused with the lush, soulful atmosphere of her surroundings. The coastal winds, creeks and redwood trees of the small valley where Alison grew up can be heard in every note she plays and sings.

Alison Harris

1:15pm Ballet Folklorico Jazmin
Proudly Preserving Mexico’s Culture through Song and Dance
Ballet Folklorico Jazmin
2:15pm Kym Trippsmith and Friends sings stories alive filled with political satire, unvarnished truths, mystical clarity, family honesty and humor in a folk/blues/radical rock style with rich vocals

Amazon Productions

3:15pm Joanne Rand ~ Psychedelic Folk Revival
Touring nationally for 30+ years, playing her brand of acoustic “Psychedelic-Folk-Revival” music, Joanne Rand is ready to release her 17th Indie CD of original songs, “Just Keep Going.” (She will have pre-release copies on hand). Raised in the deep South, Rand’s vocal styling is all her own: “Magical and luxuriant like the best brandy in the world.” Her songs, dubbed “nothing short of brilliant” by Santa Rosa Press Democrat (NY Times Publication), reflect a wide array of styles: folk, rock, jazz, Celtic, psychedelic, gospel, tribal, classical, weaving tales of the human condition. “Elegance and fierceness in the same deep breath” writes poet laureate Gary Snyder. Rand has performed alongside such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Micky Hart, John Trudell, Dougie McClean, Janis Ian.  Hear her music: Joanne Rand
4:15pm We are dancing in celebration of Debby Zyglebaum who loved dance and sisterhood. ♥  She is dearly missed by us all.  

Body Language Belly Dance ~ Director: Nathalie Tedrick   Dancers include: Lily Diamond, Loren Tamkin, Sarah Vanderheide, Michelle Bowen, and Jessica Smith. Body Language Belly Dance embraces many different styles of dance including traditional Egyptian Cabaret, Tribal, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz and more! Body Language Belly Dance is pleased to be connecting with the local community of dancers and beyond through this beautiful and expressive art form.

Email: ntedrick@gmail.com

Nathalie Belly Dance

Troupe Azizam ~ Modern Fusion Bellydance  Director: Elana Simard

Troupe Azizam Director: Elana Simard   (707) 322-0701  elana@srsolsticestudio.com


5:15pm The Real Sarahs
With organic harmonies that enchant and uplift the spirit, the Real Sarahs share their special gift of vocal synergy.  This duo creates magic with voices in harmony, acoustic instruments and the energetic connection between artists and audience. Threads of folk, jazz, blues and country music runs through their songs. Singing from the stories of their own life journeys and experiences, their original music is honest, evocative and heartfelt.The Real Sarahs
6:15pm Wild Iris 

FolkSpirit Rising, music for a resilient community
‘We are strength, we are weakness
We are joy, we are sorrow
We are women with a vision
Building a new tomorrow
And the footprints that we leave
Are a permanent reminder
Of the struggles that we’ve been through
Of the pain and of the power
We are craziness, we’re sanity
We’re all that ever was or will be
And there’s a pain deep within us
There’s a crying for survival
And we’re here to make a difference
We will see the earth’s revival…’
Shari Garn

Shari Garn, Carolyn McAleavy, Laurel Brody, Susan Ballinger and Ted Dutcher

sharisongs@hotmail.comShari Garn CD