Entertainment Main Hall 2019

Saturday,  December 3rd 2022

11:00am Yeshe Matthews
Opening Invocation ~ Yeshe Matthews is Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, and co-owner of The Sacred Well shop in Dunsmuir. She is a goddess devotee, dharma practitioner, and licensed minister ordained and initiated in several different mystery traditions. She serves Mt Shasta spiritual pilgrims and goddess devotees worldwide with online and in-person classes, ceremonies, and retreats. Yeshe has dedicated her life to female mysteries, sacred healing practices and the ways of the Goddess. With a Master's degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she has studied women's mysticism, shamanism, and matriarchal communities for over twenty years. She brings more than a decade as a Priestess and soul guide to the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.herself@yeshematthews.com   /  yeshematthews.com
 11:15am RutiCelli




 12:00pm Copperwoman ~ CircleSong—Music is the Medicine. Copperwoman will share the songs that are birthed through her and come into this life for all of us. They teach, inspire, and impart a depth of wisdom whispered by the angels to help us with our earthly journey. She is always happy when people sing along.


1:00pm Joanne RandPsychedelic Folk Revival   Artist - Composer – Performer


2:00pm Megan McElroy & Rachel TreeHeartful Feminist Folk

Rachel Tree Reverbnation

3:00pm Elana & Troupe Azizam ~  with guest performances by Dhyanis, Kimberly Charp and Samra 

Different and exciting styles of Bellydance; contemporary, classic and fusion styles featuring choreographed group dances, sizzling solos and dazzling duets. Sword, veil and Isis wings for that extra special touch of magic!

Dancers: Elana Kerista Kimberly Charp Samra (Vanessa Kettler) Dhyanis Loren Tamkin Judith Hong Charlette Epifanio Erin Reed Lily diamond Vickers Rebecca Berman Sakiko Goto Kim Cole Jeanette Woods Candice Selzer Esther Traugot

elana@srsolsticestudio.com    (707)322-0701     SRSolsticeStudio.com

4:00pm Felicity Artemis ~  Spoken  word artist  ~ Founder of the Goddess Crafts Faire

Voice of Our Blood



4:30 pm  Santa Rosa Nia. ~  Laurie Allen and friends  Fitness for heart, soul, mind and body.  SantaRosaNia.com
4:45pm Diane Patterson   Activist and FolkGoddess

Website  www.dianepatterson.org

6:10pm DUNDUN DANCEWest African Dance combined with Dundun Drumming

Choreography by Larissa Montfort

Dancers: Larissa Montfort, Katrina Weaver, Carly Castagnola and Kathleen CarrollDrummers: Laurie Lynn Hogan, Trinity Watkins, Beck Paffrath and Kris Freewoman

6:20pm EVERYBODY SOUKOUS!!!   Kick off your shoes and come join Kris up on stage for some booty shaking to get ready for the drum circle.
6:30pm DRUM CIRCLE led by Larissa Montfort


Larissa Montfort has been exploring her passion for West African, Congolese, and Afro-Cuban rhythms since 1995 with many teachers, including Mabiba Baegne, Ubaka Hill, Yona Fleming, Malonga Casquelord, Stori Davis, and Afia Walking Tree. Larissa traveled to Guinea, West Africa to study dance with Youssouf Koumbassa and Yamousa Souma and djembe and dunun with Amadou Camara and Lamine Dibo Camara.

Larissa accompanies dance classes, women’s rituals, and healing circles

“Drumming allows me to express my joy, strength, and freedom, while serving the spirit of the music, the dance and the empowerment of women.”  Larissa Montfort

Sunday,  December 4th 2022

 11:00am Kahuna Leilani BireleyOpening Invocation by Kahuna and High Priestess, Founder of Daughters of the Goddess Temple; Concord, CAKahuna Leilani - Hawaiian Kahuna, Ordained Dianic High Priestess, Ceremonialist and Co-Author of On Holy Ground: Commitment & Devotion to Sacred Lands, has been bringing ancient Hawaiian healing and Goddess Wisdom to the community for over two decades. She earned her M.A. in Womyn’s Spirituality from New College in San Francisco. Kahuna Leilani started The Daughters of the Goddess Womyn’s Temple in 1996. She gives thanks and honor to her teachers: Luisah Teish, Yoruban Chieftess and author of Jambalaya; Kahuna Auntie Pahia; Vicki Noble, author and co-creator of the Motherpeace Tarot; and Kumu Hula Patrick MakuakaneDaughtersoftheGoddess.com    925.787.9247
11:15am Yeshe Matthews - Deer Mother
Across the globe, many cultures honor a spirit or Goddess associated with the Deer. To the Druids she is known as Sadhbh (pronounced Sahv), in India she is Sarasvati, in Tibet she is Tsering-ma, in Ancient Greece she is Artemis. Worldwide, she is honoured for her connection to nature, fertility, motherhood, and gentleness. Today, we call upon her to help us heal and protect the Earth.herself@yeshematthews.com       /    yeshematthews.com
11:30pm Judith Lerner
Heart opening, goose bump generating handpan music.
judith_dreammaker@sbcglobal.net  / DreamMakerMuse    707-953-0651
12:00pm Amy Obenski

Obenski's multi-layered dreamscapes, gripping vocals and lyrics, are all enhanced with Live Looping technology at her feet. You'll hear drop-dead harmonies with multiple instruments atop her own songs. But at the core of her work is her songwriting. With lyrics about the experience of being human, her music has a way of connecting with pretty much anyone on a deeply personal level.




1:00pm Lori Tawasha ~  Oracle

Lori has been studying Bellydance for 20 years with internationally renowned instructors.  Lori is half Palestinian and grew up listening to Arabic music and dancing with her elders at parties and celebrations.  She is influenced by traditional music and movement as well as modern fusion.  Lori is a compassionate and attentive instructor.  Beginners as well as experienced dancers benefit from her teaching.  Lori teaches at the Cotati Community Center, Eagle room on Wed 6-7  Belly dance with cymbals;  Sat 12-1:30 Intro to Belly Dance Technique.

1:15pm Ballet Folklorico Jazmin
Proudly Preserving Mexico’s Culture through Song and Dance
Ballet Folklorico Jazmin
Joanne Rand - Psychedelic Funk  Folk Revival   Artist - Composer – Performer


3:00pm Amikaeyla and Carolyn Brandy
In My Garden full of Flowers: A musical set of two dynamic women offering the divine vocals of Amikaeyla and enchanted percussion of Carolyn Brandy.  These two women will perform original music as well as Orisha song arrangements, and familiar favorites. Please find both Amikaeyla and Carolyn Brandy on Facebook. You can also view the work of Amikaeyla at: www. http://icahsi.org   And Carolyn Brandy at: www.womendrummers.org
4:00pm Spiral Muse
Spiral Muse is an all-female, San Francisco based folk rock band dedicated to the Divine Feminine.  Their sound blends lush vocal harmonies with the voices of drums, acoustic guitars and violin.  Spiral Muse’s songs praise the Divine as Mother and celebrate the sacred dignity of women and the earth.  Their deeply spiritual music holds a wide appeal to those interested in gender and ecological justice and women’s rights.
www.spiralmuse.band   www.facebook.com/spiralmuseband
5:00pm Tami Gosnell
Melodically Aggressive Acoustic based Rock with a side of Soul. Singer/songwriter Tami Gosnell, formerly of the bands Disco Goddess and The Meek, can be seen solo with guitar/piano, playing originals and covers by her favorite bands, Tami has played professionally since 1997, and she has penned and performs over 150 songs full of thought-provoking lyrics and emotion-provoking riffs and melodies.
6:00pm Kym Trippsmith
Feisty Females! Kym Trippsmith sings stories alive filled with political satire, unvarnished truths, mystical clarity, family honesty and humor in a folk/blues/radical rock style with rich vocals.Feistyfemales.netwww.reverbnation.com/kymtrippsmith/LoveYourBodyMassage.netHerstoryinthemaking.net